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Download Wirecast 4.1.4 Free

Download Wirecast 4.1.4 Free

It's not often that you get a user-friendly broadcasting application that's good enough for professional use but that's exactly what Wirecast offers.

Wirecast is a simple-to-use broadcast environment that's ideal for producing professional webcasts on a relatively cheap budget. Wirecast allows you to use one or two live/recorded video sources and mix them all together as if you were in a TV mixing studio. You can connect external devices to read video, although some users have reported this can be temperamental as some cameras may not be supported.

The latest version of Wirecast has been updated to add some useful new streaming features enabling you to broadcast the widest possible range of footage. Most interestingly, Wirecast now supports streaming for any iPhone so you can set yourself up as a broadcaster on the move.

Wirecast allows you to add sliding transitions between feeds, and video sources can be cropped less than one minute before airing. There are some technical issues to be aware of. Many users have reported on forums that the source material paths and capture devices are remembered with a project, so Wirecast is not very flexible when sources are changed or material is renamed/moved. In addition, only a small number of characters for each shot name are displayed, which makes it difficult to distinguish between dozens of similar shots for pre-recorded material. However, in the case of such problems, users report that feedback from the program's developer has been prompt and helpful.

Wirecast is a user-friendly yet highly professional tool for creating webcasts that are sure to impress.

Recent changes
  • Support for Flash streaming through Akamai CDN
  • Support for iPhone H.264 streaming (Baseline Profile for both RTSP/RTMP) - Wirecast now enables streaming to iPhone through Wowza Streaming Server Pro Advanced.
  • Support for Adobe (default) user authentication - Use Wirecast to stream to Adobe Flash media server with the default user authentication, which adds a level of security.
  • Influxis FME WebViewer now supported

  • Fixes and enhancements

  • Auto-Reconnect for Windows Media and QuickTime Streaming Server
  • Faster connection with some FMS servers (releaseStream now used)
  • Better authentication with Limelight
  • Changed name and branding for Mogulus integration to Livestream
  • Ustream naming convention issue for channel name is fixed
  • Opening/closing preferences was causing main window to change size
  • Slider bars in Wirecast filter panel are now consistently viewable
  • Issue with hanging when streaming to Limelight now fixed
  • Issue with serial number when not connected to internet now fixed
  • Added Baseline/Main Profile popup to QuickTime H.264 encoder setting
  • Fixed issue when encoding H.264 content at 600x337

Does not work with low-end Direct3D graphics cards

Review last updated: 21/11/12

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Offers professional webcast production
  • Allows you to stream from iPhone and Adobe Flash media server
  • May not support all camera or DV types
  • Can be inflexible when changing input sources
  • Annoying "demonstration" message plays while you test it
  • Requires Quicktime already installed

Download Wirecast 4.1.4

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