mardi 22 janvier 2013

Download Slenderman's Shadow: Hospice 1.3 Free

Download Slenderman's Shadow: Hospice 1.3 Free

Slenderman's Shadow: Hospice takes the gameplay of Slender, and puts it in a creepy deserted Hospice. It features the Slenderman, and uses the same idea of having to find notes hidden around that you have to find before Slenderman drives you insane.

The developers admit their debt to the original game, but while Slenderman's Shadow: Hospice is better than Slenderman's Shadow: Sanatorium, it's still not Slender. This is still a scary game - the dark Hospice is scary enough without any monsters in it!

So should you download Slenderman's Shadow: Hospice? If you're looking for more scary chills, the answer is yes, even if it's not quite as good as Slender. The developers are promising more maps in the future, so I hope there is more imagination and variation in them.

Review last updated: 03/09/12

  • Scary
  • Good location
  • Doesn't add much to the original game

Download Slenderman's Shadow: Hospice 1.3

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