mercredi 2 janvier 2013

Download FIFA Online 2 Free

Download FIFA Online 2 Free

FIFA Online 2 is a free web-based version of the popular soccer simulator. The game allows you to play matches against computer AI or take on real life players over the internet.

It's not as fully fledged as the latest full incarnation, FIFA 12, and graphically FIFA Online 2 is more similar to FIFA 07. Not that we're complaining though, because being able to play FIFA for free online is great.

Even if the graphics are slightly outdated, the officially licensed player and team database in FIFA Online 2 is pretty up-to-date (currently with 2010/11 season data). FIFA Online 2 gives you the ability to play in almost all of the top leagues around the world, as well as playing in practice matches and in online play.

Just look the full FIFA game, FIFA Online 2 is packed with options for the serious soccer fan. You can tinker with formations and strategies, plunge into the transfer market, and view stats on thousands of players, so there's plenty of depth here.

FIFA Online 2 allows you to buy add-ons in-game that expand the game or help you in some way. For example, you can purchase an energy drink to help players recover from injury quicker, or a tool that reconfigures player attributes.

If you're looking for a free alternative to FIFA 12, then you'll find an enjoyable, in-depth alternative in the shape of FIFA Online 2.

  • Play online or against computer AI
  • Decent graphics
  • Lots of tactical options
  • Complicated setup process

Download FIFA Online 2

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