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Download TrustPort Antivirus 2012 (USB and U3) Free

Download TrustPort Antivirus 2012 (USB and U3) Free

TrustPort Antivirus USB/U3 Edition helps you avoid the threat of being infected by viruses carried on USB and U3 memory devices.

Despite the increasing presence of native security features in modern operating systems, an antivirus program is still a must-have for most computer users. In fact, the more the merrier when it comes to ensuring your computer is as protected as possible in this regard. TrustPort Antivirus is equipped with two powerful, well-known engines (AVG and BitDefender) that will keep your system safe while browsing the web, checking email, or downloading data. It's like using two antivirus programs in one, but without the usual hassle of having to install them separately.

This special antivirus tools works just like its big brother TrustPort Antivirus, only it runs from a USB memory device and can scan both the device and the host computer where you've plugged it. Another important difference is that the USB version of TrustPort Antivirus doesn't feature multiple antivirus engines ? just AVG.

TrustPort Antivirus USB/U3 Edition includes real-time web analysis and email filters for viruses and spam. Being a special version for USB devices, it also features handy wiping tools that help you get rid of sensitive information and make sure no one will be able to recover it.

There are two interface designs in TrustPort Antivirus USB/U3 Edition: Easy and Advanced. This makes it suitable for all users, no matter their computer knowledge.

TrustPort Antivirus USB/U3 Edition is a complete, lightweight antivirus that has been specially designed for USB devices.

  • Two interface styles
  • Fast, configurable scans
  • Scheduled updates
  • Useful for USB devices
  • Updates can slow it down

Download TrustPort Antivirus 2012 (USB and U3)

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