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Download NirLauncher 1.16.05 Free

Download NirLauncher 1.16.05 Free

NirSoft apps are a bunch of handy small tools that you can download separately and use for the most varied purposes: clean Registry values, show information about blue screens of death, list all installed drivers, or check file associations, among others.

NirLauncher makes all these apps more accessible and easier to download. This program works as a kind of menu for NirSoft utilities, presenting them in a conveniently organized interface and enabling you to choose any of them and run it on the spot.

All the apps included in NirLauncher are divided into categories, according to their main function (password recovery, programming, network monitoring, system administration, video/audio related and so on). The program doesn't feature a search tool, something that would be really useful if you're looking for a specific app.

NirLauncher lets you run the NirSoft apps in standard or advanced mode, and also includes the option to launch them with admin rights. On the downside, I think the program's interface design could be improved a lot. It looks like one of those old Windows 98 programs!

NirLauncher includes more than a hundred small apps to clean, tweak, manage and learn more about your system.

Recent changes
  • Fixed bug: NirLauncher failed to execute console application when the path contained spaces
  • NirLauncher.exe is now on the root folder, while the NirSoft utilities are under NirSoft folder. Be aware that you must extract the package with the same folder names in the zip file. Otherwise, it won't work
  • Added autorun.inf in the root folder that allows you to automatically open NirLauncher when you plug the USB flash drive. (Doesn't work on Windows 7, because Microsoft removed this feature)
  • Added 'All Utilities' tab that show all utilities in one list
  • sysinternals2.nlp is now available with full URLs, thanks to the great work of Yair from the comment in the first Beta post. Also, added 'All Sysinternals Tools' tab
  • Add Next/Previous Package buttons
  • Added option to add a tray Icon (Disabled by default)
  • The new utility, DevManView, added to the package


There is a very high chance that your antitvirus will falsely detect one or more of these utilities as virus, trojans, spyware, malware or anything else. If you need more information about these false positives, read the developer's blog post about it.

Review last updated: 20/09/12

  • More than a hundred apps to choose from
  • All apps classified into categories
  • Several options to run the selected app
  • No installation required
  • Old interface

Download NirLauncher 1.16.05

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