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Download SubLight 3.6.2 Free

Download SubLight 3.6.2 Free

Don?t be put off by the name: 'sub' doesn't stand for an inferior program, but actually a very useful one (the 'sub' stands for sub-titles). The idea behind SubLight is simple but great: to watch films on your computer with subtitles in the language of your choice. The program is easy to use but there is still room for improvement.

The good thing about having SubLight is that you will not have to pass through the frustrating process of looking for subtitles on the Internet and find a reader which combines them with your film. With SubLight all you have to do is to upload the film you want to see. If you are lucky, the program will automatically recognize its name and will show you the subtitles available. If not, you can simply type the title in the appropriate field and press the search button.

We have tried with the English top ten list with SubLight of the 90s and found subtitles for each entry in the list. Unfortunately, for non-English films SubLight's selection is limited to only popular classics.

On the whole, SubLight is really useful both for film-lovers and for foreign language students. We just hope the database of subtitles will increase, particularly for foreign films as it makes more sense for an English-speaking audience to watch foreign-language films with English or original subtitles.

SubLight is a very useful application as long as the list of non-English films increases.

Recent changes
  • Version 1.1.0 introduces automatic subtitle linking. This is simple dialog which pops up after you view your movie and asks you if subtitle was synchronized correctly.
  • Useful and fast to look for subtitles
  • Just double click to launch your film subtitled
  • Not many non-English film subtitles available

Download SubLight 3.6.2

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