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Download Capture.NET 11.8.4620 Free Version Free

Download Capture.NET 11.8.4620 Free Version Free

Capture.NET is a small program with a ton of useful features for Windows users. The developer describes this as 'the Swiss Army Knife of PC tools', and it's easy to see why.

Small enough for portable usage, Capture.NET is a stand-alone application that sits on your desktop as a smart translucent window with a clock and calendar. Right-clicking on it opens up a host of other features. There are sticky notes, a multifunctional alarm clock, screen capture, color picker, history eraser, Windows spy, tweaker, a font viewer and a backup tool.

The Capture.NET screen capture tool is pretty good. All its features are available through keyboard commands, like window capture, full screen or region, and the results open in a neat editor that gives you all the editing tools you'd expect. The color picker is also useful, allowing you to easily see the RGB code for any color on screen, while the Font viewer does exactly what it says!

Capture.NET's privacy eraser is extensive, meaning you can clean your computer of what you've been up to if necessary. You can also set up a cleaning routine and link it to the alarm clock, so your activity is cleaned automatically at the time of your choice. Otherwise, Capture.NET's alarm clock also works as a normal alarm.

Another useful tool in Capture.NET is the converter, especially useful for changing image formats. There are even more functions suited to advanced users who create web pages and so on. In terms of usability, Capture.NET is mixed. Some of its functions are self explanatory, and others lack necessary instructions. While it looks nice, the buttons on Capture.Net are too small, although all the features can be reached with a right click.

Capture.NET is a useful and portable all-in-one tool, especially for more techy Windows users.

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Review last updated: 15/11/12

  • Tons of applications in a tiny program
  • Great portable screen capture tool
  • No installation necessary
  • Buttons are too small

Download Capture.NET 11.8.4620 Free Version

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