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Download ProcessKO 2.70 Free

Download ProcessKO 2.70 Free

Have you ever been in a situation where even Windows Task Manager can't close a process or program that has crashed?

Chances are you have because it's one of the curses of Windows but fortunately, there is a way to get round this problem. ProcessKO is a far more powerful alternative to Windows Task Manager because it kills those hard to close processes that simply won't go away. The program sits discreetly in the system tray and requires simply clicking on (so no keyboard use is required) to activate in times of trouble. It shows a list of processes that are operating at any one time but note that you'll need to understand the generic names Windows assigns to your programs to know exactly what you are closing.

Process KO closes instantly those programs that you select even if they've been impossible to kill in any other way. In addition, the program "learns" which processes regularly cause you problems. In this way, it allows you to instantly access those programs that frequently crash your system and close them instantly without going through a huge process list. Even better, it fits on a USB stick so it's perfect for network administrators that need to go around rescuing blocked PCs.

A much better option than Windows Task Manager although if your mouse crashes, then it's not much use at all since you can't access it.

Recent changes
  • Small fixes and updating the language files plus new language in ProcessKO: Slovenian
  • Thanks to Vinko Kastelic for the Slovenian language
  • Kills stubborn processes and programs
  • Creates a shortlist of troublesome programs
  • Doesn't have desktop shortcuts

Download ProcessKO 2.70

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