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Download Bitcasa Free

Download Bitcasa Free

Bitcasa is more than just an application. There is a whole service managing your files in the cloud.

If your computer is running out of space or if you're worried about losing your important files, Bitcasa will help you out in both situations. Bitcasa is a service that can sync your files, back up your files, and make your folders "infinite."

The way that Bitcasa makes your folders and storage infinite is by storing all of your files in their cloud. Nothing will be stored on your local machine, relying on an internet connection to access your files. That's the biggest caveat about Bitcasa, which is that you must have a high speed internet connection to access your files.

Thankfully, Bitcasa also syncs your files, if you don't want to rely on an internet connection to access your files. By syncing your files, Bitcasa makes sure that the most recent changes to your files is persistent across all of your machines. You also can work with your files offline and syncing will take place once you connect to the internet.

For the paranoid, Bitcasa uses AES-256 bit encryption on their servers so your files are well protected from hackers and prying eyes. For those not familiar with encryption algorithms, you can rest knowing that AES-256 is very secure.

In use, Bitcasa works well and has pretty speedy performance. It can be a bit confusing trying to access your infinite folders at first but once you see how everything can be accessed via the Bitcasa app on each of your computers, you'll soon forget about managing space at all.

Bitcasa is still a relatively new service so there's no cost yet. Eventually, Bitcasa may charge a monthly fee for infinite storage. This will be worth it for those looking to simplify their file management and want to back important files at the same time.

Review last updated: 11/07/12

  • Theoretically infinite storage
  • Speedy uploads and sync
  • Safe server-side encryption
  • Backs up your files to the cloud
  • Windows and Mac clients
  • More confusing to use than competitors
  • Unintuitive web interface

Download Bitcasa

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