lundi 21 janvier 2013

Download FrostWire 5.4.0 Free

Download FrostWire 5.4.0 Free

FrostWire is an open source Peer to Peer (P2P) application based on the Gnutella network and a popular alternative to the now defunct Limewire.

In fact, FrostWire has more than just a few similarities to Limewire, although unlike the latter, it does not carry advertising and there are no annoying pop-ups. Just as Limewire was, FrostWire is straightforward and easy to use. A simple search bar, divided by category, makes it a breeze to browse for a file, whether it is a video, image, audio, or program. FrostWire also has a What?s New button to check out what popular files users have recently exchanged.

One particularly handy feature of FrostWire is a special direct connect option. If you know the IP address of one of your friends, type it in the box and FrostWire will browse to that user?s files. This is a quick way of sharing files with someone you know although it would be even better if you could enter the username of a user rather than the IP address.

In terms of speed, much will depend on the speed of your own connection. It definitely helps though if you've correctly opened your router's ports and whether you?re downloading a popular file or not. To avoid the risk of downloading copyrighted or adult material, FrostWire also allows you to apply content filters. Another handy feature of FrostWire is a built-in media player. Video and audio can be tested using Frostwire?s media player which gives you an immediate preview of your file.

It should be noted that FrostWire is basically a stripped-down version of Limewire, but is a not-for-profit project. The developer claims it will never support Digital Rights Management (DRM) or any type of advertising. However, the demise of Limewire due to legal issues mean that FrostWire may well be targeted in the future for closure.

FrostWire for Mac is a hugely popular alternative for anyone who misses Limewire.

Recent changes
  • Change the order of an audio file on playlist with drag and drop
  • Change the order of multiple audio files on a playlist with drag and drop
  • Drop audio files and folders at a specific position inside a playlist
  • Remembers the column and order you last set on the transfer manager after restart
  • Remembers the last file type you searched for after restart
  • New FrostWire icon compatible with Ubuntu 11.10
  • Bug fix, now if you're playing a song and you resort the playlist by any of the columns, the next song to be played will be the one below the current song in the new order
  • Searching inside "Finished Downloads" now yields folder names as search results
  • Fixes lingering popup menu issue
  • Fixed DNS query issue affecting Linux
  • No advertising
  • Allows direct connections with a friend
  • Integrated media player
  • Filter out copyrighted and adult content
  • Comes with Ask toolbar

Download FrostWire 5.4.0

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