jeudi 24 janvier 2013

Download PictBear 2.04 Free

Download PictBear 2.04 Free

PictBear is a beginner-friendly image editor and paint program for Windows PCs.

There are a lot of great image editors out there available to download. If you're looking for a new tool to try out, PictBear is a fine option that comes included with a lot of great features to help make image customization a breeze.

Support for layers is often a deciding factor for some users when it comes to choosing a particular image editor. PictBear does include support for layers, as well as brushes developed specifically for the program, which are available on the developer's website. This is an added bonus for people who want to merge images, as well as play around with different filters and hues in one photo that are meant to affect the one it's resting on top of.

PictBear also offers a whole host of filters that can alter the appearance of your pictures quite easily. You can crop out selections of image, resize, and rotate them whichever way you like. Like most image editors, there are also options to change the color balance, brightness, contrast, set it in grayscale, and make the image into its negative.

For users familiar with most mainstream image editors, PictBear is pretty straightforward, and its usability is a plus. New users might initially feel overwhelmed by all of the available options but should soon settle in and begin enjoying the experience of using PictBear.

PictBear is a great alternative to other, free image editors and paint tools for Windows.

  • Support for layers
  • Support for brushes
  • Relatively comprehensive paint tool and image editor
  • Takes awhile to learn all of the features

Download PictBear 2.04

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