mardi 22 janvier 2013

Download Tomboy 1.10.2 Free

Download Tomboy 1.10.2 Free

Tomboy is a lightweight tool that helps you organize your notes into differing postings on your desktop.

Do you remember the good old days when you'd use a sticky post-it note to write down your to-do list? Tomboy presents you with a virtual option to do something similar.

Tomboy is a powerful desktop note-taking application that aims to combine your notes and ideas as seamlessly as possible. It uses a Wiki-style linking system to help organize your ideas and thoughts. It's a little bit like a mind-mapping program, enabling you to add and change links that derive from your original idea.

To access your notes, click on the Tomboy applet, which will remain on your screen after installation. You can create or search notes from here. Tomboy's Table of Contents lists all of your notes in the order they were last modified. It even has an automatic spellcheck feature, for the grammarians among us.

Tomboy is a great organizational tool for keeping track of daily tasks and more.

Recent changes
  • Automatic synchronization of notes

Review last updated: 11/09/12

  • Link notes using hyperlinks
  • Supports many plugins
  • Easily accessible from your desktop
  • Still has some bugs

Download Tomboy 1.10.2

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