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Download Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 Free

Download Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 Free

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 is a useful trip planning program that'll guide you through every step of your roadtrip.

If you're considering going on an extensive roadtrip, you've got a lot of planning ahead of you. You'll need to map out where roadside stops are located for food and bathroom breaks, figure out if you'd rather take a longer, more scenic route as opposed to the more direct highway, and figure out where to sleep for the night. Plus, if there are any monuments or sights you want to take in, you'll need to plan for detours as well. Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 can help you do all that and more.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 will help enable you to plan out just about anything you'd like to do or see while you're traveling cross-country. The interface might be a little confusing at first because there are a lot of buttons, but once you get the hang of it you'll be mapping out pit stops in no time flat. Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 lets you plan multiple stops, points of interest detours and start and stop times for each day.

In addition, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 boasts over 1.9 million points of interest for you to explore. These include campgrounds, state and national parks, landmarks and gas stations. You can also personalize your maps with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 by adding notes for the stops you plan to make, as well as jotting down any reservation details or phone numbers you might need to remember for each location.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 certainly is a cool concept. A lot of what you can do with it can be done with an app on your phone or even the web-based Google Maps app though.

If you're searching for a dedicated roadtrip planning tool, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011 has a lot of options that'll make the planning period just as fun as the trip itself.

  • Tailor your trips by a variety of different factors
  • Ability to personalize your maps
  • Connect your GPS receiver to your laptop to navigate
  • Very large program file
  • Clunky interface graphics

Download Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011

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