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Download SpeedUpMyPC 2013 2013 Free

Download SpeedUpMyPC 2013 2013 Free

SpeedUpMyPC is a simple program that will allow you to speed up your computer with a minimum of effort.

SpeedUpMyPC starts automatically when you open it, so you'll soon see where it thinks you can improve your computer's speed. It scans in four areas - Speed tools, Tweaks, Unused services and Invalid registry entries - and rates your problems from Minor to High. The one problem with programs like SpeedUpMyPC, however, is that they can be a little dramatic, unnecessarily worrying less experienced users.

When SpeedUpMyPC finishes scanning, a Fix issues button will appear. This process is totally automatic. There aren't many Settings options to modify, however, and you can't tweak any settings other than disabling the tools that are enabled during the speed up process or undoing the tweaks that have been made. You'll find these options under Manage.

If you're starting with an unoptimized PC, you'll definitely find that SpeedUpMyPC makes it faster. Even so, more advanced users are going to lament SpeedUpMyPC's lack of options or opportunities to exert more control over the fixes and scans, and if you already take care of your PC, it's unlikely to have much of an impact.

If you're really not interested in the technical side of things, however, SpeedUpMyPC is the perfect program to take care of speeding up your PC with minimal involvement.

SpeedUpMyPC does speed your computer up, and is perfect for users who want a quick, low-effort speed fix.

Recent changes
  • Improved scanning engines
  • Intelligent tabulation where switching between tabs and screens will no longer lose the previous screen state
  • Detailed view in the scan report screen where this report will be enhanced for better viewing for our users,
  • Improved scan scheduling functionality,
  • Any tweaks and changes applied can be reverted back through the Backup and Restore features.

Review last updated: 09/08/12

  • Easy to use
  • Very little input needed
  • Might not impact on high-powered computers
  • Help file must be downloaded separately
  • Cannot pause scans
  • Cannot resize window

Download SpeedUpMyPC 2013 2013

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