mercredi 26 décembre 2012

Download Miner Wars 2081 Pre Alpha Free

Download Miner Wars 2081 Pre Alpha Free

Miner Wars is an in-development 3D single and multiplayer space game. The game combines mining and tunneling with space combat.

After downloading Miner Wars, you can buy a pre-alpha license which will give you full access to the game today and to future updates, or register and play the demo mode free. The game starts with an in-cockpit view from your mining ship, though you can change the camera position to suit you. Flight is simple, using keyboard and mouse controls, and there are a range of additional controls for things like headlights and mining tools.

Miner Wars main attraction is the destruction possible. You can approach a huge asteroid and simply tunnel into it, or fire hundreds of missiles at it to break it to pieces. Miner Wars looks good, with detailed graphics that are convincing from a distance and up close. Like Minecraft, Miner Wars is currently quite aimless - you can do what you want, but for no particular reason! Some people might find this demotivating, but simply exploring, mining and chasing other ships can be fun for quite some time.

Miner Wars is a long way from complete, but is looking very promising. With an extensive singe and cooperative multiplayer mode, plus a Massively Multiplayer Online mode promised, it could prove hugely successful.

If you enjoy space simulators and open world games, Miner Wars is well worth checking out. We look forward to further developments!

  • Lots of freedom
  • Destructible worlds
  • Varied gameplay
  • Lacks focus and direction

Download Miner Wars 2081 Pre Alpha

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