dimanche 30 décembre 2012

Download Super Socks5Cap Free

Download Super Socks5Cap Free

If SOCKS-based proxies are causing you heartache, take a look at Super Socks5Cap. It may not be the prettiest program on the block and if you are new to the game it will be a steep learning curve, but if you have an application that won't work via the SOCKS protocol, Super Socks5Cap is the tool you need.

The SOCKS protocol (or protocols based on it) is one of the most common proxy server protocols around, but some applications are not able to use it. If you find yourself in this situation, a program like Super Socks5Cap is your best bet. It acts as a bridge between the proxy server and the application that is unable to use it, allowing you to bypass the problematic area and use the proxy with ease.

Super Socks5Cap isn't for the absolute beginner, as it has very little help and an interface that leaves a lot to be desired. Even so, it has a few nice features that users will appreciate, namely a 'Dragbox' - a small window that sits on your desktop and allows you to run or add applications without opening the main interface - and a special GameGuard mode for hosted games. Super Socks5Cap performs pretty much just this function - tunneling the application to your server of choice - and it does it pretty well, with one proviso: it's easy to use if you know what you are doing before you start. Beginners have been warned!

Super Socks5Cap provides basic but efficient proxy bypassing for advanced users.

Recent changes
  • Ftp function add use different password access different resources
  • Add remote manager Ftp configure function
  • hook engine optimization
  • Add server select control different client functionality
  • Some UI and log improve
  • Add tunnel 64-bit applications support
  • Fix a bug when use remote DNS in LSP mode
  • Add drag&drop support when use run as admin mode in vista
  • Good configuration options
  • Can drag and drop applications
  • Dragbox is nice feature
  • Wizard/tutorial would be very welcome
  • Horrible interface

Download Super Socks5Cap

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