lundi 31 décembre 2012

Download F1X 2.52 Free

Download F1X 2.52 Free

Formula 1 fans like you should not only religiously sit in front of the TV to watch each single race (no matter what time it is), but also know all the F1 facts and dates by heart.
And this is where F1X comes in handy.
This pocket-sized Formula 1 encyclopedia features one of the most complete collections of data about the popular racing championship, ranging from 1950 to last year's championship.
You can review the driver's final ranking and other lists with grand prix winners, pole positions and fastest laps. The program also includes a small fact sheet about each driver with his personal records and some biographic data.

Despite being an exhaustive source of information, F1X lacks what I would consider to be an outstanding feature: the ability to update information automatically online, adding new results and new data as the current championship carries on.
Oh well, at least you can manually add those new entries by yourself.
F1X is a comprehensive encyclopedia about Formula 1 with loads of information about drivers, races and speed records.

Recent changes
  • includes Brazil GP
  • Includes exhaustive information about Formula 1
  • Features a driver comparison tool
  • It's not updated automatically

Download F1X 2.52

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