lundi 24 décembre 2012

Download Advanced Renamer 3.21 Free

Download Advanced Renamer 3.21 Free

Advanced Renamer is a useful tool that helps you easily rename files on your computer in short order and even on the go.

As soon as your MP3 or photo collection starts to grow, you realize how important is to have your files properly named. And in case they aren't, Advanced Renamer can lend you a hand.

Much like Adero Renamer Standard, Advanced Renamer lets you easily rename multiple files and folders simultaneously, applying a single renaming profile to all of them at the same time. This profile is totally customizable, meaning that the renaming tasks in Advanced Renamer may vary from fixing letter case to completely replacing the file's name with a new one.

One of the greatest features Advanced Renamer possesses is flexibility when it comes to configuring the profile. There are certainly quite a few options to choose from, so you'll surely find one way or another to properly rename your files. Also, Advanced Renamer lets you preview changes in real time, which is perfect to check how the new name will look like and fix any possible errors.

The portable version of this program can also be downloaded.

Advanced Renamer is a serious time-saver when it comes to renaming multiple files quickly and all at once.

Recent changes
  • Command line automation
  • New tags: Video tags
  • More image tags
  • GPS location tags
  • New method: Trim
  • Works both with files and folders
  • Very flexible in renaming options
  • You can preview changes in real time
  • Complicated to figure out at first

Download Advanced Renamer 3.21

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