lundi 31 décembre 2012

Download Maximum Roller Coaster 1.01 Free

Download Maximum Roller Coaster 1.01 Free

Remember Theme Park? It was a classic of 90s gaming that asked you to build a theme park filled with rides, attractions and amusements in order to make more and more money.

Maximum Roller Coaster takes over from the legendary game and poses a similar but updated scenario. There's just a small difference: this time, there's no monetary goal to reach - the only limit is your imagination.

In Maximum Roller Coaster the range of objects you can add to your park is really staggering - pizzerias, swimming pools, shops and much more. Add that to the selection of over 70 rides that you can include in your park and you'll soon see that this is a seriously impressive game.

Obviously, the star attraction is the Maximum Roller Coaster roller coaster. Maximum Roller Coaster lets you create a monster roller coaster that's up to 650ft high! You can also choose the roller coaster cars and even the type of rail. What's more, you can add elements like pirate ships, Ferris wheel, carousels - in other words, just about anything you can imagine.

Once you create the park of your dreams with Maximum Roller Coaster, you can take a walk around and make sure everything is in order. Even better, you can also hop on the rides!

Graphically great and limited only by your imagination, Maximum Roller Coaster is a true pleasure to play.

  • Awesome graphics
  • Lots of contruction options
  • Diffferent types of rollercoasters
  • Takes a while to get to grips with the editor

Download Maximum Roller Coaster 1.01

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