samedi 8 décembre 2012

Download WinContig 1.15 Free

Download WinContig 1.15 Free

If Windows already has a defragmentation tool, what's the point of using a third-party application? The answer is that in the case of WinContig, you can enjoy several advantages over the Windows standard tool.

The first and most obvious one is that WinContig allows you to defrag individual files and folders without the need to analyze and defrag the whole disk. What's more, WinContig features two working modes, Quick for a faster, lighter defrag and Smart for a deeper, more thorough analysis. WinContig works very fast and creates a report after defragmenting that can be saved to a TXT file. Also, it doesn't write anything on your registry as it doesn't even require installation.

On the downside, I missed having a visual representation in WinContig of what the program is defragmenting, as well as the results. I guess those little colored blocks are more expressive than just a list of numbers.

Defrag single files and folders quickly and easily.

Recent changes
  • Defragmentation of files placed on FAT16 volumes could lead to a crash. Fixed
  • Fixed a crash that could occasionally occur shortly after pressing the defragmentation button

Review last updated: 19/06/12

  • Very fast
  • Two modes: Quick and Smart
  • Can defrag single files and folders
  • No visual representation while defragmenting, nor for results

Download WinContig 1.15

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