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Download Blacklight: Retribution Free

Download Blacklight: Retribution Free

Blacklight: Retribution is really polished and fun free-to-play shooter that looks great and is very playable. The quality is much higher than most free to play titles, and it deserves your attention if you're an online shooter fan.

Blacklight Retribution's controls are pretty standard for FPS games, meaning you can jump right into the game without problems. This fast paced game features a 'Hyper Reality Visor' (HRV), that allows you to see through walls and check the position of team mates and enemies. It only lasts for a few moments, but really changes how you play the game. Hiding out somewhere is much less effective when anyone can see your position!
Another interesting gameplay feature is the Hardsuit. With enough combat points, you can buy a 'laser designator' at a weapons depot, then request an airdrop of this mechanized weapon. Hardsuits are like Mechs - big, slow, really powerful and tough to beat. While not as game-changing as the HRV, the Hardsuits are a fun addition.

As its so easy to get into, Blacklight: Retribution is really addictive. You can totally enjoy the game for free, and earning points to customize your weapons and soldier makes it compelling.
What Blacklight: Retribution doesn't do is make many concessions to FPS beginners. Despite the training, new players will be cannon fodder until they learn to compete with the experiences players online!

Graphics and Sound
Blacklight: Retribution looks great - it's made with the Unreal 3 engine and on a high-end PC the graphics wouldn't look out of place in a triple-A title. The sound is equally high quality. Compared to other free-to-play titles like Battlefield Play-4-free, Blacklight: Retribution is impressive.

If you enjoy the gameplay, the customization and promised additional content mean Blacklight: Retribution should keep you playing for a long time. The maps are good, but it will be important for more to be added over time.

Blacklight Retribution doesn't look particularly original, but the HRV and Hardsuits are significant and make the game stand out amongst FPS games. There are clearly influences from lots of other FPS games, but taking good ideas is a great way to make a good game!

  • Looks great
  • HRV and Hardsuit mix up the action
  • Fast paced and fun
  • Style lacks originality

Download Blacklight: Retribution

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