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Download BTM Pro (Net+) 29.44 Free

Download BTM Pro (Net+) 29.44 Free

BTM Pro (Net+) is a three-in-one package of fun card games to play against the computer or your friends.

BTM Pro (Net+) is a free application that lets you play Briscola, Tresette and Madrasso against the computer or your friends. Multiplayer is available thanks to the network mode where you can select up to 4 players. If you've never heard of these games before, fans of card games are well advised to look up the rules. Briscola, which is offered through BTM Pro (Net+), for example, is an exciting classic Italian card game for two to six players, also popular in Croatia, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, and Spain. When you choose to play in the network mode with BTM Pro (Net+), you will also have to specify a nickname, the server's address and the port number.

At first it may disappoint some users to see that BTM Pro (Net+) is graphically pretty unattractive. It's possible to choose a better resolution by accessing the Settings menu option however. That said, some users might still feel dissatisfied after seeing how slow the game loads after selecting it. Apart from the loading though, the cards in the game move at normal speed and it's nice to have a proper detailed look at these characteristic Italian cards.

Although BTM Pro (Net+) lacks a user-friendly, resizable interface, having the possibility to play classic Italian card games with your friends makes it a must-have.

  • Good definition of cards in the high-def mode
  • Network mode
  • Play against the computer or your friends
  • Frame not resizable

Download BTM Pro (Net+) 29.44

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