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Download OSCAR g2v13 Free

Download OSCAR g2v13 Free

OSCAR is a useful application for downloaders that automatically search subtitles for movies in If you're tired of never finding the right subtitles, then you'll be impressed by OSCAR.

Its very easy to use. Just pick a video file or folder containing what you need and click on the magnifying glass (this also can be done using Control + S). OSCAR automatically looks for subtitles that match your videos and the language preferences that you specify. It also supports command-line parameters, proxy support and drag-n-dropping of films and subtitles. In addition, if you have created subtitles for films, you can also upload them via OSCAR to the community.

As useful as it is, this is still very much a work in progress. There?s still a lot of work to do but the basic functionality (search/download/upload) is there along with some nifty features (such as IMDb support, filename templates and multi-language support) plus more to come according to the developers.

This is a really great tool if you own a ton of DivX or Xvid films that you've never been able to watch because of lack of subtitles or you'd like to distribute to a wider audience.

  • Automatically searches for subtitles
  • Supports IMDb plus drag and drop
  • Still a work in progress - many functions prone to bugs

Download OSCAR g2v13

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