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Download Folario 1.6.1 Free

Download Folario 1.6.1 Free

Folario is a shareware project management tool that lets you collect and capture content from the web and arrange it as you see fit on your PC's local storage.

Nowadays, storing information in the cloud seems to be the name of the game. Programs like Dropbox are very popular as a result. The developers of Folario think accessing files locally is more ideal, and that's just how content ends up getting saved in the application.

Folario works as a browser and means of collecting and arranging information you find on the web. You can save virtually anything to your local drive, or the cloud as well, due to the ability to integrate Folario with certain cloud storage services.

Folario is somewhat akin to Microsoft OneNote, allowing you to arrange your content in any way you like. It includes a WYSIWYG HTML editor, complete with templates, supports hyperlinks that can not only open web pages but also various local files, password memory for easy website login, a dual-pane navigator, file compression capabilities, support for printing, and more.

Folario's reliance on locally stored information won't do you any favors if you experience a hard drive failure (unless you've synced it with a cloud storage service, that is), and its interface looks pretty outdated, which might turn some users away.

Those searching for an alternative way to collect and organize content found online might have found a good option in Folario.

  • Hybrid organizer and browser
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Easy to use and collect content from the web
  • Dated looking interface
  • Doesn't protect against a hard drive failure

Download Folario 1.6.1

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