mercredi 26 décembre 2012

Download PureSync 3.5.0 Free

Download PureSync 3.5.0 Free

With PureSync you can easily synchronize data between two different sources in a variety of ways.

PureSync synchronizes content between folders on different drives, creates backup copies of selected folders and helps you extract photos from your digital camera and other devices you can connect to the computer. You can create multiple syncing tasks, each of them with its own name and configuration options, and set them to work according to a schedule or only when you manually start them.

PureSync is very easy to use: a step-by-step wizard guides you through the whole process of creating each syncing task. The program's interface displays a summary of all the actions applied to files and folders, using a color code to distinguish different types of synchronization.

PureSync supports also incremental backup copies ? that is, copies only those files that have changed ? and can be seamlessly integrated with Windows Explorer.

With PureSync making backup copies, transferring photos to your PC and syncing data across different folders can be much easier.

Recent changes
  • Improved copying large files
  • Delay when starting a job automatically did not always work: fixed
  • Fixed another problem with @ in folder names
  • Easy to use wizard-style interface
  • Different ways to sync data
  • Support for multiple syncing tasks
  • Not many configuration options

Download PureSync 3.5.0

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