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Download Ski Challenge 2012 1.05 Free

Download Ski Challenge 2012 1.05 Free

Ski Challenge (also known as SC:12, Ski Challenge 2012 and formerly known as Orf-Ski Challenge) is a free skiing simulator with excellent graphics.

Ski Challenge is always popular as the winter sports season gets underway. However, don't be in a hurry to play this game as there's quite a lot of configuration and updating to do before you start. After the installer has run, there's a series of automatic updates that take place before you can actually access the game itself.

Ski Challenge automatically opens in full screen mode although you can switch it to windowed mode by clicking Manual in the main menu and turning-off full-screen mode.From the start, it's plain to see that Ski Challenge is a high quality skiing simulation with excellent graphics. To begin with you are offered the chance to practice or choose from pistes from around the world. However, you're only allowed to choose Val d'Isere to start with as the others are shaded out for some reason. You can also choose the weather conditions and various other configurations which make it a little tedious and frustrating before you actually get to do any skiing.

The controls in Ski Challenge are very simple - use the arrow keys to direct your skier and the up arrow key to make him go faster. A ghost shadow figure shows you where you should be on the track and you should try and stick as closely to him as possible. The entire training is conducted in offline mode so you don't need an internet connection to do so but competitions are online as scores are uploaded to a central database. This means that in race mode, you can't just race when you want because Ski Challenge follows a schedule of online races so you have to wait until a qualifying slot opens up for you.

This ability to race against other competitors and win real prizes is probably one of the most attractive elements for devotees. It adds and added level of realism to the already excellent graphics and game play. Note that you have to sign-up for a Ski Challenge account to enjoy online challenges. Unfortunately, much of the information on the Ski Challenge developer website regarding the game is in German although in-game, English is used throughout.

The controls are tricky to master at first and as in real life, you'll spend more time flying down the hill on your back than on your skis but if you persevere, Ski Challenge is an absorbing and addictive simulator, especially if you compete online.

Recent changes
  • New discipline, new routes, Extreme Mode, Achievements ... What's new offer to the Ski Challenge '11 is here at a glance!

  • Like every year, of course, worked with great effort on the graphical development of the game and new features. The ease of use and game design have been improved. But that's not all!
  • New Ski-Challenge-discipline

  • For the first time in the history of the Alpine ski challenge this year is super-G discipline of it! Right at the start of the season you can handle the super-G on the newly revised course Val d'Isère.
  • For the first time it finds another way into the alpine ski disciplines Ski Challenge.
  • And another new route: At season's final year at this year's Alpine Ski World Cup, the track is driven Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

  • Brand-new: collect Achievements

  • In SC: 11 this time you can reach the next World Cup points more awards - known as Achievements! The racers will have the opportunity to gain by their performance by meeting each task a number of awards.

  • The Achievements are displayed both in the game (medal) and in the Web profile of the player next to the individual game statistics.

  • In addition to the medals table and the statistics, there are also special awards this year for all those who have achieved a certain result. For example, if you come is 10 times in a row without falling back down into the goal or the goal. These achievements are assessed on all routes throughout the World Cup and can be achieved several times.

Use the arrow keys to control your skier

  • Online competitions
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • Easy to use keyboard controls
  • Competitions require an internet connection
  • Lengthy installation process
  • Website information mainly in German

Download Ski Challenge 2012 1.05

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