dimanche 30 décembre 2012

Download Skyrim Map (PDF) Free

Download Skyrim Map (PDF) Free

Skyrim V has one of largest and most detailed world's in the history of gaming with over 330 locations - equivalent to 40km2 in the real world. This Skyrim Map helps you navigate and find your way around this massive world.

GameBanshee has created a web map 2720 x 1935 pixels with all parts of the Skyrim world including cities, dungeons, ruins, giant camps, farms and much more. Note that the map is in PDF format and consists of nine pages A4 that can be printed and pasted together. However, it lacks a list of coordinates, but you can find them author's website.

If you're feeling a but overwhelmed by Skyrim, this Skyrim Map should help.

  • High resolution
  • Very detailed
  • Features all 336 place
  • Ready to print
  • Consists of 9 pages
  • No coordinates included

Download Skyrim Map (PDF)

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