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Download Janetter Free

Download Janetter Free

Janetter is a desktop Twitter client for PCs.

There are a decent amount of free Twitter clients available for download already out there. If you're looking for one that allows you to customize its appearance a lot of different ways though, Janetter might be right up your alley.

Janetter offers several different skins or themes to choose from, in almost every color and style imaginable. You'll be able to integrate it into your desktop without any clashes with background wallpaper colors or other applications.

Janetter employs a tabbed interface, similar to other popular clients like TweetDeck. An easy to access right column allows you access to your at-replies, direct messages, search results, and more. Each item is illustrated with a simple icon and will correspond to a tab at the bottom of Janetter's interface once clicked on.

Janetter offers the usual searches based on keywords, as well as an advanced search where you can search via specific user or tweets and filter by language. In addition, you have easy access to all of the information on your user profile in an additional popup window.

If you want to share links or images Janetter offers several services as well:yfrog, Twitpic,, Lockerz, Mobypicture Twipple. You can also use URL shorteners like, and

Janetter would be next to perfect if it added the ability to view images or videos within its desktop interface. At present, clicking on either media will result in your browser launching so you can view it. The program also doesn't offer tweet statistics or insights.

Janetter is an elegant and easy to use desktop client for all of your personal tweeting needs.


Uploads images via Twitter, yfrog, Twitpic,, Lockerz, Twipple, Mobypicture
Shortens URLs with,,,

Review last updated: 03/10/12

  • Easy to use
  • Several skins to choose from
  • Employs tabs
  • Offers an advanced search option
  • Ability to silence users or topics
  • Supports multiple panels
  • Opens your browser to view images and videos
  • Doesn't offer insights or post statistics

Download Janetter

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