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Download Syder Arcade 1.0 Free

Download Syder Arcade 1.0 Free

Syder Arcade is a side scrolling, retro shoot 'em up PC game with fast-paced shooting and dynamic environments.

Syder Arcade is a simple game. While the developers try to put in some plot, there's really no need for one. Choose a ship and fly into combat with aliens. Shoot anything that moves. What Syder Arcade lacks in plot, it gains in game play...

While side scrolling shoot 'em ups are nothing new, Syder Arcade introduces another aspect of gameplay: the ability to turn around and shoot backwards. Enemies in the game are relentless and will attack you from the front and behind. You can switch directions by hitting the space bar. You get a main weapon that has unlimited ammo, as well as a more powerful secondary weapon that requires you to collect ammo boxes to fill up.

Graphics are very good, with tons of vibrant colors, textures, and particle effects. Game play is also good but can be repetitive. You'll find that playing Syder Arcade will result in numerous deaths and restarts. Syder Arcade is as punishing as arcade games of old.

While Syder Arcade doesn't have anything new to offer the gaming world, its solid graphics, performance, and gameplay make it worth a look for fans of side scrolling shooters.

  • Good graphics
  • Challenging game play
  • Online leaderboards
  • Demo only has one level
  • Frequent deaths

Download Syder Arcade 1.0

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