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Download Abrosoft FantaMorph 5.3.1 Free

Download Abrosoft FantaMorph 5.3.1 Free

Abrosoft FantaMorph is a user-friendly program that lets you transform two photos into a cool video morph.

Abrosoft FantaMorph stands out for its ease of use. Once you launch the program and pass the morphing capacity diagnosis test, a wizard leads you through the process of creating a morphing or warping effect. The first one creates a transition animation between two pictures, whilst the second one generates an animation based on a single picture.

Morphing is based on dots that you place on the picture to point out the exact areas Abrosoft FantaMorph will use to create the animation effect. So for example, to create a morphing effect between two close-ups, you add dots around the face, eyes, nose and so on, creating a dotted outline of the source image and arranging these same dots to coincide with the face, eyes, nose and everything else in the target image. So, the more dots you have, the more realistic your effect will look.

Abrosoft FantaMorph does a good job at managing the dots: you can add them simultaneously to both photos, move them around easily, lay a grid over the image for improved accuracy or even zoom in on the picture. However, the zoom tool makes it a pain to move around the image as the Abrosoft FantaMorph working area is pretty small and cannot be resized. The same objection stands for the interface buttons, which are too small.

If the morphing and warping are not enough, Abrosoft FantaMorph features a wide range of effects to apply to your pictures, such as background images, masks, music and transition effects. You can select them through the wizard or from the program's interface, and see how they look like in the preview window. When your project is finished, Abrosoft FantaMorph lets you export it as an AVI video, an image sequence, a webpage or even a screensaver.

If you want to create an appealing morphing effect in a surprisingly easy way, Abrosoft FantaMorph is definitely the application you're looking for.

Recent changes
  • New Layer Morph - Have multiple morphs running in different layers simultaneously. This makes it possible to create very professional and stunning morphs
  • Improved Rendering Engine - You can get more sharp and clear morphing image quality with the improved rendering engine
  • New Face Extractor - New face extractor is much more accurate and faster than ever before
  • New Face Locator - New face locator is much more accurate and faster than ever before
  • New Face Model - You can use a customized face model to create face morphs.
  • New Sequence List Panel - With the new sequence list panel you can easily add, delete, move, link, duplicate sequences
  • New Camera - Now you can create intuitional camera tracks, control proportions of each key frame
  • New Dual View mode - FantaMorph can now work perfectly on dual monitors
  • Splittable Workspace - The three main panels, Image 1, Image 2 and Preview, are splittable now. Separate Sequence Effects - Each sequence can have different effects now
  • New sequence effect: Trail - With Trail you can add a motion blur or motion trail effect for a sequence
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Project creation wizard
  • Face Locator tool
  • Many export formats
  • Interface working areas are not resizable
  • Buttons are too small

Download Abrosoft FantaMorph 5.3.1

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