samedi 2 mars 2013

Download Desktop Google Reader 1.4.4 Free

Download Desktop Google Reader 1.4.4 Free

Desktop Google Reader is an application that syncs your Google Reader RSS feeds to read on your desktop.

Google Reader is a great web app and service for subscribing to RSS feeds. Desktop Google Reader hopes to make it easier to use with its desktop application but ultimately fails. Let's find out why.

The interface of Desktop Google Reader resembles a website from 1999. Its buttons and color scheme are random colors and it largely resembles an email application with feeds on the left, individual stories up top, and the actual article below. Desktop Google Reader also failed to import all of our RSS feeds from Google Reader.

There are some redeeming qualities. Desktop Google Reader has great sharing options with services like Instapaper, Pocket, and Clicking on the full article within the app thankfully opens up the link within the application instead of opening up in a separate web browser.

Overall, Desktop Google Reader is a lackluster application that lacks many of the features of the Google Reader website.

Recent changes
  • Taskbar icon overlay (number of unread items) can now be switched off in preferences (Windows Vista / 7 only)
  • Maximize button now can be toggled to be fullscreen (as befor) or only normal maximize (taskbar stays visible) in preferences
  • List of feeds is now sorted by alphabet
  • Easy sharing
  • Links open within the app
  • Snarl integration for notifications
  • Have to manually enter RSS feeds
  • Can't unsubscribe
  • No keyboard shortcuts
  • Didn't import all of our feeds

Download Desktop Google Reader 1.4.4

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