mardi 5 mars 2013

Download Picaboo Free

Download Picaboo Free

Picaboo is a desktop app that lets you create different types of projects with your own digital images.

There are a lot of different photo editors out there that let you manipulate your own digital images. Picaboo adds an additional service of allowing you to be able to purchase and have a hard copy of your creations sent to you.

Picaboo requires no programming or design knowledge. You just pick the type of project you'd like to make and follow the step by step instructions. With Picaboo, you can make calendars, collages, photo albums and other creative content by choosing photos you already have saved on your computer and uploading them into the program.

On top of its easy navigability and usability, Picaboo is also a gorgeous app. It's got some great backgrounds to display your photos on while you're arranging them. Conveniently enough, the backgrounds aren't in the least bit distracting either.

In addition to being able to make your own different types of photographic content, there's also a convenient feature called BookGenie you can choose if you're not feeling all that creative yourself. BookGenie will automatically pull photos from your computer and then creates a read-to-edit photo book for you.

Of course, the big downside (or perk, depending on how you're looking at it!) is that to receive hard copies of your creations, you'll have to shell out some money. Picaboo's ultimate service is photo printing. Of course, if you just want to share your creations on your computer with friends and family, that doesn't even cost you a dime.

Note that Picaboo requires Adobe AIR to run.

Picaboo is a lightweight app that makes arranging your photos into creative masterpieces a snap.


Picaboo requires Adobe AIR to run.

  • Gorgeously designed app
  • Make photo books, cards, calendars and more
  • BookGenie feature creates a photo book for you
  • Hard copies of content cost money
  • Takes time to get the hang of it

Download Picaboo

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