mardi 5 mars 2013

Download HardCopy Pro 3.3.6 Free

Download HardCopy Pro 3.3.6 Free

Capturing screen shots should be as easy as possible - I want something that can catch anything, resize it instantly and save it any format I need.

HardCopy Pro ticks all the right boxes as a versatile, easy to use screen capture utility for Windows. HardCopy Pro can capture rectangular screen areas and whole windows which can then be cropped very easily and the color depth changed to any desired value - from monochrome to true color. Once you've saved an image, it can be printed, saved, copied to the clipboard, emailed and edited with any image editing program.

The main selling points of HardCopy Pro are that it can capture just about any shape or Window on your screen and you can even set a timer to take shots for you - useful if you can't be bothered to hang around for a specific timed video shot. Unfortunately, like many screen capture tools, it doesn't handle pop up menus or Flash menus very well. As soon as you go to access HardCopy Pro, they disappear because the mouse cursor is no longer on them and there seems no way of activating HardCopy Pro without using the cursor.

HardCopy Pro is a useful screen capture tool for all those that don't need something flashy but does a solid job of the most basic screen capturing action.

Recent changes
  • New: improved default image file format for "Send To"
  • Simple captures and resizing in one click
  • Captures any window size
  • Does not handle drop-down menus or Flash well

Download HardCopy Pro 3.3.6

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