lundi 4 mars 2013

Download Personal eCards 2.9 Free

Download Personal eCards 2.9 Free

Personal eCards lets you create and share custom greeting cards for any occasion.

Sending personalized cards through the mail can be expensive and time consuming. Personal eCards helps create and send personalized cards for a number of different occasions. You can import your own photos, choose a design, and edit text for your custom cards. After you're done you can save, email or share your creation on Facebook and Twitter.

The interface of Personal eCards is very snappy and allows drag and drop importing of photos. There aren't many options, however, and the card design selection is very limited. The designs that are available, meanwhile, are decent but bland. There are no options to adjust anything other than your picture and text, which is a bummer. It would have been nice to at least rotate a photo for some fun angles.

Overall, Personal eCards is a very basic card creation program but it works well. We just wish there were more personalization options and card designs.

  • Snappy interface
  • Easy sharing
  • Good looking default templates
  • Limited card templates
  • Not enough customization

Download Personal eCards 2.9

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