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Download Virtual Hairstudio 6 Free

Download Virtual Hairstudio 6 Free

Virtual Hairstudio is a desktop app for Windows PCs that lets users preview virtual hairstyles.

Let's face it. Everyone's received a terrible haircut at some point in their lives. Virtual Hairstudio is a tool that helps you avoid such fashion fiascoes.

Marketed for hair salons, but usable by pretty much anyone, Virtual Hairstudio works a bit like a photo editing program, with preset hairstyles available to paste on a model, or even a picture of yourself. In this way, you can check out potential new looks before going under the knife -- or scissors, as it were!

Virtual Hairstudio provides hundreds of hairstyles to choose from. Each hairstyle also comes with additional information, such as a preview, identification number and description. Pick and choose the hairstyles you like, and even add the best ones to your favorites list so you can easily return to them again before your next trip to the hair stylist.

In addition, Virtual Hairstudio offers some other nice perks, like make-up advice, the ability to import your own hairstyles, and color adjustments.

The graphics could be a little better in Virtual Hairstudio. Learning how to use the program to its fullest will also pose a bit of a challenge for new users.

The demo version of Virtual Hairstudio limits users from uploading their own pictures, and only offers 20 different hairstyles to try out.

Virtual Hairstudio is a fun way to preview different hairstyles before visiting the salon.

Review last updated: 20/06/12

  • Great variety of hairstyle presets
  • Organize the best hairstyles into a favorites list
  • Additional perks like make-up advice and color adjustments
  • Graphics can be pixelated
  • Interface could be more intuitive

Download Virtual Hairstudio 6

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