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Download Praat 5.3.17 Free

Download Praat 5.3.17 Free

Praat is scientific tool for those studying linguistics that can analyze spectrograms.

Praat can read sounds recorded with the program or audio files recorded in another way. Once loaded, Praat generates a graph of waves which indicate intonation, intensity, volume and other complex details. Praat is able to isolate certain sound bites or filter frequencies either manually or using scripts.

There's no avoiding that Praat is a useful tool for linguists. It's difficult to get to grips with, though, and although there is an extensive manual, it's aimed mainly at linguistic experts. For those seeking an introduction to audio analysis and spectrographs, they may well find Praat too complex.

Praat is a powerful audio analysis tool that will give linguists a high degree of control over spectrographs.

Recent changes
  • EEG window: extent autoscaling by window
  • ERPTier: Remove events between

Review last updated: 15/06/12

  • Imports a wide range of audio formats
  • Analyses sound in detail
  • Automize analysis via scrips
  • Complex for non-linguists

Download Praat 5.3.17

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