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Download EfficientPIM 3.0 Build 321 Free

Download EfficientPIM 3.0 Build 321 Free

EfficientPIM is a tool that helps manage personal information on your Windows PC.


It's easy to get behind on important tasks, events, and deadlines. To ensure you're able to keep up with everything on your plate on a given day, week, or month, EfficientPIM can help you out..

EfficientPIM is a fully featured personal information manager that helps you organize both your professional and your personal life in an effective way. It features a clean interface, very similar to that of Microsoft Outlook, only without the email bit.


With EfficientPIM you can schedule all sorts of events and organize them in a calendar. You can also have all your friends and professional partners in a Contacts list, create a list of pending tasks to organize your work, and even jot down your thoughts in the program's built-in diary or notes utility.

Despite the high number of options and settings, EfficientPIM remains quite easy to use, especially if you're familiar with Microsoft Outlook. The program's appearance can be customized with skins, and the calendar tool can import a list of predefined holidays. There are also tools to generate passwords and backup all your data.

EfficientPIM is a handy, complete personal information manager that can help you deal with all sorts of tasks and events.

Review last updated: 21/06/12

  • Easy to use
  • Nicely designed
  • Includes calendar, task list, contacts list, diary, notes and more
  • Interface looks dated

Download EfficientPIM 3.0 Build 321

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