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Download Of Light and Shadow 1.0 Free

Download Of Light and Shadow 1.0 Free

Of Light and Shadow is a free 2.5D platform game where you play Mr. Light and Dr. Shadow. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you have to switch between them to beat the game. It's inventive, fun, and looks great, especially for a freeware indie game.

Mr. Light and Dr Shadow will die if exposed to dark or light, respectively, while Mr Light can jump, and Dr. Shadow can walk up walls and on ceilings. The levels in Of Light and Shadow are designed to exploit these attributes. There is a puzzle element to the game, but you have to move quickly sometimes too. The game is best played with a gamepad - it works with keyboard, but it's not comfortable.

The movement of Mr. Light and Dr. Shadow is sometimes a little awkward, but in general Of Light and Shadow plays very well. The graphics are stylish and good quality, and the sound is very atmospheric in general. There are some difficulty spikes, but this is not an incredibly tough game. Of Light and Shadow is enjoyable mainly for the inventive ways it uses the weaknesses and strengths of the two characters.

If you like platform and puzzle games, give Of Light and Shadow a try, as it's always interesting and completely free!

Review last updated: 15/06/12

  • Interesting game concept
  • Good graphics
  • Atmospheric soundtrack and effects
  • Movement is awkward at times
  • Keyboard support not great

Download Of Light and Shadow 1.0

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