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Download Gemini Groove Pro Edition 5.6.3 Free

Download Gemini Groove Pro Edition 5.6.3 Free

Gemini Groove is professional, MP3-compatible DJing software that offers everything you need for mixing any musical style, from house and bachata to rock and dubstep.

The Gemini Groove interface isn't very slick, and reminded us of some of Gemini DJ's older mixing software, like CD DJ. There are 2 decks and a simple mixing console between them. Each deck has its own pitch, loops and effects console, three cues and the song's progress bar. In the center, you'll find a three-range equalizer, the master volume, individual volume controls and an excellent cross-fader.

Gemini Groove also includes an excellent automix function, which allows you to apply just the right amount of fade. You can also control the duration and style of fades via the options menu.

In the upper part of the Gemini Groove interface you'll see a small screen with a graphic representation of the songs that are playing, making it extra easy to make small BPM adjustments to your mixes. Below, you'll see your track library.

Despite just falling short of professional programs like Traktor and Torq, as well as showing a few notable failings (not great on effects, no auto BPM, no skinning), Gemini Groove is still a solid app for those starting out in the world of mixing.

If you're thinking about taking your DJing to the next level, Gemini Groove is a good place to start.

  • Excellent crossfader
  • Configurable Automix
  • Support for MIDI controllers
  • No Auto BPM
  • Not skinnable
  • Not many effects - no VST plugins
  • Pitch Range can't be modified from the decks
  • Only 2 decks

Download Gemini Groove Pro Edition 5.6.3

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